The cost of maintenance of cooling lubricant cost

The decision to use a fully automatic cooling lubricant management system depends not only on technical arguments but also on economic aspects. In order to calculate the profitability of a new system, it is necessary to have an overview of the costs of the current manual coolant management in the relevant plant. Only a comparison between current costs versus investment costs and projected costs can provide a sound basis for a decision.

A cost overview is often a very tricky subject, because many companies simply do not know what their actual costs are. In a full cost calculation, cooling lubricant consumption, employee expenditure, equipment wear, cleaning, machine downtimes etc. must all be taken into account. Only a small number of companies know what these expenses are.

This is why Brisco Systems, in cooperation with various partner companies, has developed a realistic online cost calculator for medium-sized companies. The calculation is based on typical conditions in German machining production companies, with the size of the machine park, cooling lubricant parameters and employee expenditure all taken into account. The result is an estimated cost per year with manual cooling lubricant management and the calculated savings potential with a fully automatic cooling lubricant system.

This cost calculator can be accessed at

As an example, let us calculate the cost for a company with 10 machines. The assumed values can be seen on the photo. In this case, the company could save 8,250 euros per year. They will realise a return on their investment for the intelligent cooling lubricant filling system from Brisco Systems within 2 years.


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