Central tank application

Due to the combination of an FCM810-S with an eMix1500, you are obtaining a fully-automated system for the regular measurement of cooling lubricant with automatic top-up of the tank.

The measurement system periodically measures the cooling lubricant and sends the measured concentration value to the eMix1500. The latter fills with the correct top-up concentration and ensures that the fill level remains the same.

The benefits at a glance

  • Higher process reliability
  • Stable fill level, stable concentration
  • Little to no bacterial growth
  • Enormous easing of the workload on employees
  • Cost-saving due to increase of service life of tools
  • Large range of application
  • Very simple electrical installation
  • Can be expanded at any time
  • Conforms to TRGS611/BGR143

With the fully automated fluid management system by Brisco, concentration and volume of cooling lubricant changes within specified limits. The production process thereby becomes more stable and, in addition, we also save cooling lubricant concentrate.
Andreas Rageth, Team Leader Industrial Engineering
Hamilton Bonaduz AG