FCM810-S Measuring system for several tanks

“The FCM810-M system serves for the fully-automated recording of cooling lubricant measurement values when several individual tank systems are used. As a central measuring system, the FCM810-M (multi-sump) is able to measure the cooling lubricant values of up to 25 individual tanks. In pre-defined cycles, cooling lubricant is siphoned out of the tanks and measured for the following values: pH value, concentration value, electrical conductivity, and temperature. “With the analysis tool, bacterial/microbial growth can be identified at an early stage.” The nitrite value can also be recorded. The FCM810-M continuously determines the status of the cooling lubricant. In combination of an eMix1500, a powerful and fully automated system for the measurement and management of cooling lubricant can be set up. The core element of the measuring system is the Brisco HPS sensor cartridge. The highly-integrated cartridge is used while the FCM810 is in operation. Depending on condition and degree of contamination of the cooling lubricant, the cartridge must be replaced. As the cartridge is calibrated at the factory, it is not necessary to carry out a laborious calibration at the production site. The Brisco measuring system is equipped with a unique flushing system so that the sensors have the longest possible product life. With the FCM810-M and the eMix1500, clients are provided with the greatest-possible economic value for the cooling lubricant management. ”

The performance data

  • Central measuring system for up to 25 tanks
  • Measures pH, concentration, conductivity, and temperature
  • Visualisation via integrated touch screen
  • Optional analysis portal
  • Bacteria/germ early warning system
  • Presentation of exceedances/shortfalls of limit values
  • Documentation in accordance with TRGS611/BGR143
  • Integrable into IT third systems

With the fully automated fluid management system by Brisco, concentration and volume of cooling lubricant changes within specified limits. The production process thereby becomes more stable and, in addition, we also save cooling lubricant concentrate.

Andreas Rageth, Team Leader Industrial Engineering

Hamilton Bonaduz AG

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