FCM810-S Measuring system for central tanks

The FCM810-S system is used for the fully automatic recording of measured values ​​for cooling lubricants. The purpose of the FCM810-S (singlesump) is for central systems with a capacity of 1000 to 250,000 liters.

In predefined cycles, cooling lubricant is measured for the following values: pH value, concentration value, electrical conductivity and temperature.
The FCM810-S continuously determines the condition of the cooling lubricant. A fully automatic cooling lubricant measuring and control system can be set up in combination with an eMix1500.

The heart of the measuring system is the Brisco HPS sensor cartridge. The highly integrated cartridge is used while the FCM810 is in operation. This must be replaced at certain intervals. Depending on the condition and degree of contamination of the cooling lubricant, the sensors must be replaced sooner or later. Since the cartridge is calibrated at the factory, there is no need for laborious on-site calibration in production.

The Brisco measuring system is equipped with a unique flushing system so that the sensors have the longest possible service life. With the FCM810-S and eMix1500, customers receive the greatest possible economic benefit for cooling lubricant management.

The small but very powerful system can even be expanded to a fully automatic system with a Brisco FCM measuring system.

The performance data

  • Central measuring system for pH, concentration, conductivity, temperature
  • Visualization via integrated touch screen
  • Data analysis and process planning can be implemented via the optional cloud portal
  • Representation of likelihood value – over / underflow
  • Documentation according to TRGS611 / BGR134
  • Can be integrated into third-party IT systems

With the fully automatic fluid management system from Brisco, the concentration and quantity of the cooling lubricant change within specified limits. This makes the production process more stable and we also save cooling lubricant concentrate.

Andreas Rageth, Team Leader Industrial Engineering

Hamilton Bonaduz AG

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