Brisco Analysis System

With the online analysis portal, you are monitoring the statuses of the cooling lubricants in the various tanks. Whether one or several tanks, or whether the tank systems are dispersed all over the globe, with only one click you receive an overall view of the conditions of the various cooling lubricants in the different tanks. In addition, automatic notifications can be set up in the event of exceedances or shortfalls of target values. Integration into other IT systems is possible as required.

The performance data

  • Online analysis portal for PCs, notebooks, smartphones, etc.
  • Multi-client capable
  • Different users and authorisations
  • Notifications via email or text message
  • Data retention up to 10 years
  • Documentation in accordance with TRGS611/BGR134
  • Consumption planning and automatic ordering system

With the fully automated fluid management system by Brisco, concentration and volume of cooling lubricant changes within specified limits. The production process thereby becomes more stable and, in addition, we also save cooling lubricant concentrate.

Andreas Rageth, Team Leader Industrial Engineering

Hamilton Bonaduz AG