IoT level sensor

The eLevel100 level sensor with real time foam height level measurement is the first IoT-enabled, highly integrated sensor for a large number of application scenarios.

Either as a standalone solution for level control or in combination with the eMix1500 and FCM810 systems.

Alternatively the eLevel100 can be easily integrated into third third-party systems.

The advantages:

  • Level and foam height sensor
  • 2D infrarot temperature sensor
  • Integrated filling and exhaust valve
  • Integrated exhaust filter
  • Integrated emergency stop valve

The 60GHz sensor enables simultaneous level and foam height in the tank.

Besides a pure temperature measurement the eLevel100 infrared sensor can also measure surface currents or foreign objects in the tank.

The mechanical emergency stop valve prevents overflow in the event of a malfunction or foreign influences.

Communication with the outside world takes place via WiFi or Ethernet. Via the UPC UA or REST API software interface, the eLevel100 can be connected to any software system and software system and can be controlled via the web browser

If no WiFi is available, the eLevel100 can also be controlled via the integrated LAN connection

Valves controllable via process software.

Washable mains magnetic filter.