“To correctly mix modern cooling lubricants with water requires know-how. Water and Oil are enemies by nature and therefore special attention is given to this process during the technical implementation. Brisco Systems are constantly researching and developing new and even better technologies to get your cooling lubricants into top form. Correct blends result in more durable and stable emulsions.

The eMix1500 is an intelligent electronic emulsion mixer. It independently calculates the concentration for the additional dosage and keeps the fill levels constant. The manual management of the cooling lubricant is thus greatly simplified and costs are saved. An eMix 1500 can automatically provide top-up doses with the correct concentrations for up to 100 separate tanks independently. The fill levels and the various concentration values in the tanks are thereby at the optimum level at all times.

The eMix1500 supports production companies to comply with TRGS611/BGR134

Thanks to the flexible interconnectivity of the eMix1500 all-important data such as flow rates, consumption, concentrations can be visualised and analysed via PCs, laptops, and smartphones. It is thereby extremely easy to integrate the eMix1500 into existing IT structures. The user receives a powerful tool for the modern management of cooling lubricant.

With a Brisco FCM measuring system, the small but very powerful system can even be expanded to a fully-automated system.”

The performance data

  • Monitoring and management of up to 100 individual tank systems (fill level and concentration)
  • Fully automated calculation of the top-up dosage
  • Very large mixing range of 0.1 – 25% with accuracy down to 0.05%
  • Quality of the blend is independent of pressure variations in the water pipes.
  • Up to 500 metres emulsion pipe distances can be surmounted.
  • Flow performance of 1500 litres/hour
  • Automatic fill level monitoring of the concentrate container (barrels or IBCs)
  • Several safety functions for the monitoring of fill levels and pipe condition for leakages
  • Manual mode for the use on tank carts
  • Expandable with the FCM810 analysis system
  • Small dimensions of 30x30x15cm, 8 kg.

With the fully automated fluid management system by Brisco, concentration and volume of cooling lubricant changes within specified limits. The production process thereby becomes more stable and, in addition, we also save cooling lubricant concentrate.

Andreas Rageth, Team Leader Industrial Engineering

Hamilton Bonaduz AG