Automatic cooling lubricant refilling in cooling lubricant tanks

Processing machines always need sufficient cooling emulsion with the prescribed emulsion concentration so that they can work without interruption. As soon as the machine stops due to a lack of coolant, costs increase as a result of loss of production.

In many companies, cooling lubricants are refilled only as a reaction. When the machine is idle, they refill it with as much emulsion as possible in order to delay the next refill for as long as possible. The concentration mixture causes yet another relevant problem. Maximum machine performance and long equipment life can only be achieved when there is a constant emulsion concentration in the tank. Due to high spindle speeds, machining temperatures on the workpiece, high throughput etc., the coolant concentration increases steadily with a decreasing fill level, as the water that is contained evaporates or the coolant is discharged. Each time the tank is refilled, it must be remixed at a very low concentration to bring the concentration in the tank back down to the target concentration.

If the filling rhythm is exhausted as described above, this results in a constant up and down of the concentration cooling lubricant, in addition to the dynamic level change.

The fully electronic eMix1500 from Brisco Systems handles the continuous control and refilling of coolant tanks. It precisely calculates the required refill concentration in order to always maintain the target concentration. A tank that is controlled with the eMix1500 allows the coolant level to fluctuate only by some 2-5 centimetres within the tank. It also reduces fluctuation of the concentration to a minimum.

Intelligent monitoring and mixing of coolant tanks by means of the eMix1500 system allows machines to operate without breakdowns caused by coolant shortages. Travel volumes caused by two or more tanks in one machine are automatically detected to avoid any overfilling. Various safety mechanisms guarantee safe operation of the most modern mixing system on the market.


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